For more than 50 years now, we have devoted our business to building maintenance and demolition work. We have perfected our activities by defining adequate controls for the improvement of work quality. We always guarantee maximum efficiency through the appropriate control of the different working phases and materials. We develop customised projects according to the client's requirements.

We guarantee maximum professionalism, with highly qualified staff possessing long-time experience, in every project.


Movable Plant

Our services

The mobile crushing plant, subject to ground level approval to be obtained 60 days in advance, allows on-site recycling and reuse of waste by c & d, by reducing transportation costs and those arising from the delivery at the inert platform.

Material Recycling

Riciclaggio materiali

In full compliance with safety standards and environmental protection, Capodieci carries out a massive recycling process of residual materials resulting from construction and demolition.

Capodieci & Figli

CAPODIECI A. & FIGLI was established in 1960 in Mesagne, Brindisi, as an small craft firm. Among the many activities, the company specializes in excavation, earth moving, demolition, archaeological excavation, construction and maintenance of urban and extra-urban roads, industrial and special waste disposal.



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